Annual Assassins Game Keeps Students on Their Toes

The King’s College annual “Assassins” game is officially underway. For this competition, King’s students are armed with tiny green stickers and are targeting fellow classmates as potential “kills.”

At its core, the game’s goal is to eliminate all other players and be the last one standing. Each player is assigned one target to assassinate. Only the player knows who they are after.

To eliminate a target, assassins must slap a sticker on the victim's back and yell out a taunt. The killer then acquires their victim’s assigned person as a new target.

Assassinations can occur anywhere and at any time.

Paranoia is high among the student body. The student cafe is filled with assassins sitting against the wall with wary eyes. Students have been seen jumping over the glass barrier to make green-sticker-kills.

"Last year we played during homecoming, and there were prizes," Clara LaFever ('14), the director of student events, said. "This year, we decided to hold off until later in the semester so that students could have something fun to do between events and outside of the craziness of Spirit Week."

Ray Davison (’14) was the last man standing last year.

One player, Grant DeArmitt (’14), memorized a target’s schedule in order to get a kill. He pretended to hand out theater flyers for an excuse to sneak into another target’s room, and created a fake Baseball TKC email address to ambush a third. All in all, DeArmitt has assisted in two assassinations and performed four of his own.

According to a former Assassins Master, in past years, the stickers weren’t plain green stickers, but stickers that were classic Halo Assassination badges.

The game is predicted to be over soon, but depending on the skills of the assassins it may last longer than expected.

... Watch your back.