TKC Hosts Oxford's Dr. John Lennox


“Do you believe in God?” a classmate asked Dr. John Lennox in 1962, Lennox’s first year studying at Cambridge University. Lennox has made answering that question a way of life, speaking frequently on the relationship between science, philosophy and theology.

Dr. Lennox, Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University, addressed atheism and apologetics during a Q&A with President Dinesh D’Souza on Monday, as part of the Presidential Scholars series. He said he is motivated to defend the faith publicly by showing non-Christians that “we’re not all idiots” and encouraging Christians to hold to truth.

Identifying trends in atheism, Lennox contrasted the "respectful disagreement" of some of his colleagues with the “aggression” of New Atheism. Conversations are possible – Lennox has debated Dawkins four times – because “we agree that there is such a thing as truth,” Lennox said.

President D’Souza asked if today’s physics lead toward or away from God. Lennox said science “points increasingly towards God” and cited the acceptance of the idea that space-time had a beginning.

Lennox also fielded questions from students and Dr. Jackson. What is it like to work with colleagues who don’t share your belief in God and Scripture? A “fairly daunting experience,” Lennox said, but “if it’s true, than you can’t keep it to yourself.” He also noted that our knowledge of God is not limited to the intellect, and we can learn who God is through moral intuitions, beauty and relationships.

King's introduced the Presidential Scholars program September last year, inviting “leading Christian and liberty-minded intellectuals” to speak, according to an April press release. Past Scholars include John Stossel, Alvin Plantinga, Wayne Grudem and Dallas Willard.

Lennox will be visiting King's throughout the week. Sign up online to attend any of his five subsequent seminars through Friday.