King's Golf Club plays first two tournaments


BROCKPORT, NY– The six men of The King's College's new golf club headed to Brockport for their first tournament Thursday, Oct. 18. Captain Sean Spurlock ('14), John Bianchi (Dec '12), Reese Evans ('16), John Cunningham ('15), James Bentson ('16) and Richie Hicks ('16) rented a minivan for a six-hour road trip late Friday afternoon to compete Saturday.

Bianchi and Cunningham scored an 83, Bentson and Hicks a 75, and Spurlock and Evans a 72– only 4 strokes above the winning team's score of 68. Spurlock and Evans placed 9th out of 23 teams.

The team left last Thursday to compete in its second tournament at Mill Valley Golf Links in Springfield, Mass. against 16 teams. The top three teams of both competitions won a chance to participate in a national competition in Vegas.

Last weekend was Bianchi's first time playing in about two years due to a hernia.

"It was great to play with the guys and get back out on the course," Bianchi said. "I thought it was a really great tournament. We played really well– a lot better than I expected."

Pre-Hurricane Sandy rain held off during the tournament, but the course was significantly more difficult than the previous one. If Bianchi and Hicks had played together in this last tourney of the season, they would have done much better, Bianchi explained. Although the team expected do better than it did, the members said they enjoyed their time together. Bianchi described the trip as "amazing."

For the past month and a half, the team has practiced at the New Jersey National Golf Club.

"The guys are fantastic to golf with and be on the team with," Bianchi said. Although this past weekend's tournament marks the end of the season, the team looks forward to more practices and tournaments in the next season this spring.