TKC Hopes to Sign New Lease Friday


Financial District, NEW YORK– King's hopes to sign a 12-year lease for the new campus space near Wall Street Friday, April 20, according to Chief Executive Officer Duanne Moeller. If signed, the move would begin June 1 and take an estimated three weeks. King's would occupy the fifth and sixth floor and part of the ground floor lobby of the new building, as well as one floor in an adjacent building connected by a walkway. The new space features 12 classrooms that seat 20-45 students each, a cafeteria, a 200-person auditorium, a 1,000-person auditorium that King's may use a few times a year and 8,000 square feet for faculty offices. There is no gym.

Moeller also says the Internet in the new building would be "much more reliable." The bandwidth to the campus would increase from 6 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

Update: The Tribune previously reported that the bandwidth would increase from 6 MB to 100 MB. The bandwidth will increase from 6 Mbps (megabits per second) to 100 Mbps, not MBs (megabytes per second).

TKC did not sign the new building lease April 20. Check back with the Tribune next week for the latest developments.