Keeping Up With the King's Council: Debriefing Basketball Comp and Holiday Preparations

The meeting opened with prayer, by Ten Boom President Emma Brown. Brown lifted up the Hanley family, in light of the recent passing of Lee Hanley. Student Body President Katherine Thompson, read part of Hanley’s eulogy, written by his wife, and said he is “a great example we can look up to.” SBP Thompson then moved to debriefing Basketball Competition. The strengths the House Presidents mentioned included the venue, keeping the event on schedule and the running clock throughout games for expediency. Truth President Slagle said her housemates liked that all the courts were in the same room, providing more “togetherness” during the competition.

Weaknesses discussed by the Presidents included poor refereeing, not enough pictures taken of each House and a trashed venue at the end of the event. SBP Thompson reminded everyone, “Pick up your garbage, don’t be garbage,” and said the student body needs to be more conscious of cleanliness in general. The Presidents also discussed injuries that their players faced because of this competition.

Truth brought up the idea of replacing basketball with volleyball for this competition because volleyball is not as aggressive. Thatcher backed Truth up and said volleyball is a game girls play casually, whereas they hardly ever play basketball for fun. QE1 chimed in, saying that is why Basketball Comp is fun and the attendance would be much lower if volleyball took its place. Ten Boom suggested having more conversations with freshmen about Basketball Comp and explain reasons why we have it as a competition. Barton added that better sportsmanship and less cursing should be implemented in the future.

The meeting then moved to brief updates with the Cabinet. Director of Communications Helen Healey talked about the new Social Media Policy that was written in August and was recently approved. Director of Finance Megan Starnes gave a quick update on the October spending report. Director of Student Organizations Christina Markakis briefly talked about the meetup with Student Organization leaders she organized. Director of Student Events Michelle Lindhardt introduced the Christmas service project, “Holidays for Heroes.”

Holidays for Heroes will consist of writing letters to war veterans and active soldiers. This will replace the usual Thanksgiving meal offered at school, which SBP Thompson says is a good call because it does not cost money, and it is a better way to spend our time and thank those who have fought for our country. Lastly, Director of Spiritual Life Michael Martinez reminded everyone about the upcoming Refuge, featuring Jonathan Schaeffer.

Meeting Highlights:

Student Body President

  • Basketball Comp Debrief: House presidents discussed strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities regarding the competition

Director of Student Events

  • Lindhardt informed the Council about this year’s Christmas Service Project
  • Holidays for Heroes: a project through the Red Cross, consists of writing letters to veterans and deployed soldiers, drinking hot chocolate
  • Will take place Tuesday, December 6 at noon to 3pm in the City Room

Director of Spiritual Life

  • Refuge and Prayer Meeting this week: Jonathan Schaeffer talking at Refuge, Enoma will have a prayer meeting afterwards
  • December 1: Spiritual Life Committee will have a choir performance of “Carol of the Bells” during Refuge
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