Keeping Up With the Council: An Infinitude of Updates

This week's Council meeting was brief, consisting primarily of updates from its members. SBP Thompson asked members by show of hands who would be out of town the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Based on the tally of members who would be absent, the Council decided to forgo meeting on November 22. Thompson also encouraged the House Presidents to create and send a survey to their House members, in order to field constructive criticism on the performance of their exec teams. The Cabinet will be putting out a survey to the entire Student Body soon.

Barton thanked the Council for their support during the Blood Drive this past Thursday. Thirty-six students donated blood. Lewis and Churchill tied for second in the number of members who gave blood. Not surprisingly, host Barton took the lead.

Meeting Highlights

Student Body President

  • Thompson announced this year’s Mock Presidential Debate will take place on Monday, November 7, at noon in the City Room.
  • Highlighted the upcoming Basketball Competition which will take place this Saturday, November 5, at 6:00 PM at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

Director of Spiritual Life

  • Professor Parks will be speaking at this week’s Refuge gathering, Thursday night at 7:30 PM in the City Room.
  • Martinez gratefully reported that Monday’s Difficult Discussion Panel was well-attended and received.

Director of Finance

  • Starnes informed Presidents that competition winnings have been added to their House budgets.

Director of Student Organizations

  • For next week’s meeting, Markakis will compile a list of accomplishments and events by student organizations.

House of Reagan

  • Recognized Taylor Thompson (‘17) for the work invested in making the Student Union security desk a student-held position.

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