Keeping Up with the King's Council: Annual Awards Nominations, Spring Concert, and Money

Wednesday evening, President Reese Evans opened the Council meeting by introducing the first thing on the agenda: a discussion of staff and faculty awards. The four different awards given each year are:“Staff Member of the Year,” “Academic Excellence,” “College Contribution,” (for adding value to the college) and “Student Engagement.” The Council discussed what it means to grant each of these awards and then took nominations as to who should fit each of these roles.

Some of those nominated include Professor Brenberg, for making a multitude of appearances on various Fox News outlets and for facilitating economics reading groups; Dr. Bradley, for spearheading the new Religious and Theological Studies Program; Dr. Johnson, for the publishing of a new book Knowledge by Ritual and for organizing the upcoming trip to Israel; Professor Mueller was nominated for conducting his impressive Student Body President campaign.

The winners of the staff and faculty awards will be announced at commencement in May.

The meeting also included talk of money and allocations--some old business from previous meetings, and some new proposals. In particular, there was more discussion regarding the payment of student organization leaders, as well as increasing the funds allocated to such as a new project from the Arts and Aesthetics Society.

Meeting Highlights and Motions

  • Student Body President Reese Evans
    • SBP Update: Wants to incentivize early house retreats by granting $1,000 to houses who take retreats in September or October.
  • Director of Student Events Mary Losiak
    • Three bands--Stay in Touch, Blonde Maze, and Great Caesar--are lined up for the Spring Concert, which will take place April 9.
    • A DJ has been booked for Spring Formal.
    • The Arts and Aesthetics Society is partnering with a Palestinian artist to organize a Photography Gallery
  • Director of Student Organizations Annalise Bourgeois
    • “I move to reallocate $100 to the TKC Republicans, $180 to the Troubadour, and $165 to the Arts and Aesthetic Society. All of these funds will be reallocated from the Student Organizations line item under the heading “New Organizations.’” (passed)

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