Keeping Up with the King's Council: Final Meeting of the Semester

The last council meeting of the school year was called to order at noon on Friday  in the Founder’s Room. This was Katherine Thompson’s third meeting with the new council members and, in the wake of last week’s meeting, would be a brief one.   The floor was opened to Shelli Cline for the discussion of this year’s fundraising programs and the role it will take in future fund allocation. Today, Shelli presented to the council the plan for Houses to be financially self-sufficient in future years. This plan will begin to be carried out as soon as 2018 when House grants will be cut by $500. This will almost be forcing self-sufficiency upon the Houses. This will be achieved by each House individually fundraising for anything from retreats to scholarship programs. While the Houses will be financially independent of the school in time, it was made clear that the Houses will not gain the rights to House trademarks since they are “trademarks of King’s.” House gear such as tee-shirts and social media accounts must be approved by the school.  

The House of Reagan inquired about how this will affect the funding for student organizations. While student organizations will be encouraged to fund raise, the school will continue to support them financially. New student organizations are created every year and are generally much smaller than houses, which inhibits their ability to produce an independent and stable financial structure.

The Council also debriefed Spring Formal. The photo booth, which allowed for immediate printing and sharing of photos to social media, and pop bar were lauded as huge hits. On the other hand, the sound system was not conducive to venue-wide announcements, particularly the announcement of the new Cabinet which traditionally takes place at Spring Formal.

The meeting was adjourned and the Council dismissed until Statesmanship and the school’s reboot in August.

Until then, this is Zoie Mercer for the Empire State Tribune, signing off.

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