Where TKC Students Study: Three Popular Parks


Living in New York City can be overwhelming at times, and going to college in New York City seems to produce double the burden. The city is a great place for networking, learning and accomplishing goals, but Times Square is not the most ideal place to curl up with three chapters of Socratic Logic.

Fortunately, according to students at King’s, Central Park is not the only escape from the hustle and bustle of the city that students can take advantage of.

Located on Sixth Avenue between 40th and 41st Streets is an ideal spot for students who enjoy a safe haven for reading while staying close to their favorite restaurants. Bryant Park is big enough for students to separate from large groups of people, but it is still nestled in Midtown, providing easy access to city benefits.

Inside the park itself, students have access to multiple restaurants and coffee shops, along with various forms of entertainment including a game park for all the chess and checkers players and reading corners for the inner poet.  The park is also located behind the New York Public Library. Freshman Anne Marie Elliott referred to Bryant Park as a “studious environment where I feel removed from the business of the city.”

Some students however, enjoy smaller parks with fewer people, such as Madison Square Park. Although it is the smallest of the three parks it is still popular among tourists and locals. Located on Madison Avenue between 25th and 26th Streets, it provides the perfect opportunity to grab a burger from Shake Shack, examine some artwork and study for class.

The New York Department of Parks and Recreation said on their website, “With its varied activities and landscaped grounds, Madison Square Park offers attractions for everyone.”

Madison Square Park is said to be an ideal place for studying because it provides free WiFi and a less populated area than Bryant Park. The scenery and the view of the Empire State Building in the distance attract a lot of students.

However, the studying doesn’t stop there. According to Jeremy Hinen of King’s, “If you are into jazz music, Washington Square Park is also a great place to go.”

As the biggest of the three parks, Washington Square Park can be found at West Fourth Street and Waverly Place. Although it is the biggest, it also seems to be one of the quietest as it is located the farthest away from Midtown. The size of the park provides a chance to spend some time in seclusion and focus on the next upcoming quiz.

Washington Square Park has a large display of different musical performers, art, greenery and hotdog stands. Because it is close to NYU and Parson’s, it gives students a chance to interact with people from different schools.

Because they provide an adequate study environment for almost every type of student, these parks will likely remain favorite destinations for King's students.


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