Liberty Church Launches College Ministry

On Wednesday, September 14th, Liberty Church launches its first college ministry at Salt Space on Broadway and 27th Street.  Advisor Chad Rodriguez, and the lead pastors of Liberty Church envision a place for various college students in New York City to come together. Their new organization, The Society Room, is a ministry opportunity as well as a chance for students to have an influential role in New York City culture.  The structure of the group is based off of the society rooms of the sixteenth century.  These rooms included various men with a similar vision who would gather together and build each other up in Christian faith.

Students with a similar vision will gather and discuss ideas for engaging in the city and bringing different worlds into balance, just as men of past society rooms did.

Although there will be a time of prayer, message and worship, the Society Room advisors hope to help students begin to create something bigger by 2012.

Rodriguez said, “This is not like a typical church experience. Hopefully it will create the kind of atmosphere where people want to come that never would have gone to church before.”

The idea behind the Society Room is to have students break into small groups based on their field of study or things they are passionate about. They will then collaborate their talents and find ways to give back to the city, whether it’s by starting a business, an online magazine or organizing a charity fundraiser.

“This will give students the chance to gain experience in the fields they are interested in so they can be certain it's something they want to spend their college career learning about,” Rodriguez said. At the same time students will be meeting new people, learning about the city, nourishing their spiritual life and figuring out exactly what they want to do with their lives.

On their website, the church expresses their desire to have people from different schools, different majors and different backgrounds come together and use their abilities for something greater.

Rodriguez and lead pastor of Liberty's new Union Square venue (to launch this Sunday, Sept. 18th at 7pm in the New York Film Academy) Sebastian Buffa visited Tent last Monday night. Buffa spoke about going deeper with God and living not just in God's faithfulness, but in his favor. Liberty also holds 11am Sunday morning services at Tribeca Cinemas.

There is still plenty of time to get involved in The Society Room. They will meet on the first Tuesday of every month at eight o’ clock at the Salt Space. For more information visit, email or follow the group on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr.

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