Protestors Continue to Occupy Wall Street

Photos by Carly Calhoun.
 Protestors continue to occupy Wall Street at Zucotti Park passionately and persistently.
While some say they are using the protest to force changes in the habits of Wall Street businesses, others are protesting capitalism altogether.
Most protestors will generalize their reason for occupying Wall Street to representing "the ninety-nine percent.”
Some protestors bring their children with them to participate. Above, as the child asks her dad why they are there, he responds with, “Because some people at the banks were being mean to everybody.”
Not only are people protesting the current situation in the economy, but they have also come up with alternative plans that they think would fix economic problems in America.
One alternative plan that a large number of protesters are suggesting is a switch to socialism: they have sign-ups for information.
The protesters have a displayed work schedule of who will attend each station and at what time.
According to Jessica Bashline, protestors also have a desire “to march and be taken seriously.” In an effort to achieve this goal they are working to improve the appearance of the protestors.
They are giving out free haircuts, people are dressing up in suits and some women are even giving out free lipstick.
Bashline also says that the effort to make people look better is “so that they are seen as more than just a bunch of dirty hippies to onlookers.”
Surrounded by most of their belongings, Wall Street occupiers have everything they need in order to stay put until their call is answered.
The most dedicated protestors stay at Zucotti Park 24/7.
Most protestors also keep a heavily stocked food supply and aren’t hesitant to share with anyone willing to join the protest.
Whether it be music, arts and crafts or in this case a quick magic trick, occupiers are successful at keeping themselves busy while waiting for a response from the other one percent.
Some people pass the time by making signs to share with everyone; others enjoy waving the signs and getting the attention of people passing by.
One man, George Zimmerman, keeps himself busy by making homemade buttons for protestors to wear.
The group above is protesting as representatives of, an organization that seeks to boost awareness about global warming.
Leader of the group, Izzy Mogelgard, says he wants to show the government that “profits are not more important than people."
The park is covered with camera crews, photographers and reporters trying to figure out the main purpose of the protest.
A webcam was set up to record live feed for other parts of the country that are reporting the protest as the protestors–who seem to be enjoying the attention–chant, “Maybe we can say hi to the rest of the world.”
Police are making every effort to keep the protest safe and civilized for everyone.
Although every person might not be occupying Wall Street for the same reason, it is clear that each person has their own purpose and they are not giving up anytime soon.
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