Free Food and Philosophy at Fordham


Fordham University will offer a workshop in Early Modern Philosophy and will also provide coffee and two light breakfasts free of charge at their Lincoln Center campus November 19-20.

The first day, Saturday, will last from 8:45 am till 5 pm.  Morning lecture topics will include Spinoza’s rational rules for an irrational world, his geometry of emotions and a critique of his Theological-Political Treatise.  After lunch, lectures will cover Hobbes on the inescapability of theology, Descartes on time and conservation and finally, body-body occasionalism and the conservation of motion.

The second day will last from 8:45 am till 3 pm.  Morning lecture topics will include Hume’s “True Religion,” an explanation of Humean simple ideas, Descartes on ontological dependence and Cartesian Compatibilism.  After lunch, lectures will cover Descartes on ethical autonomy (ethics without God) and Kant on suicide and law.

The workshop will take place on the 12th floor Lounge at the Lowenstein building, located on the corner of Columbus (Ninth) Avenue and 60th Street (one block west of Columbus Circle). The workshop is open to the public and welcomes anyone interested in early modern philosophy.  Fordham instructs attendees to mention the workshop to pass security.

Lecturers from Princeton, Oxford, Syracuse University, the University of Turku in Finland and more will present their topics on November 19.  Lecturers from Yale University, Columbia University and more will speak on November 20.

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