Brooklyn's Middle Eastern Food Paradise

Wandering up and down Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, one will discover an eclectic collection of art, culture and food. A small Middle-eastern community is scattered about Atlantic, sharing their culture and faith with everyone around them. One of several Middle-eastern restaurants, the Bedouin Tent—a hidden oasis amongst the many stores and coffee shops— can be discovered on the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Bond Street.  Drawing in their guests with freshly baked pita, their menu covers a wide variety of Middle-eastern food from Lebanese to Palestinian to Turkish to so much more.  Vibrant tapestries and a range of scents fill the dimly lit dining room. After a couple steps, the Bedouin Tent opens into a garden bathed in sunlight with a tree arching its branches over the tables.

Founded in 1986, people from all parts of Brooklyn have been coming to the Bedouin Tent to enjoy its delicious cuisine. It is a warm and delightful place where families and friends can come together and enjoy each other’s company in a peaceful and serene paradise instead of the clutter of the city.

Guests that come to the restaurant are absolutely fascinated with its serene location, satisfying food and pita the size of a human head. “The pita is absolutely delicious,” says one guest in the restaurant, “it’s definitely a place you will always come back to.”

Middle-eastern food is definitely something that everyone should try. “Middle-eastern food is something special,” says Sam, an employee at the Bedouin Tent, “everyone should try a change in food.” Serving falafel, lamb and babaghanouj, it is the perfect place for anybody seeking an introduction to Middle-eastern food.

Proudly exemplifying its Arabic foundation, it is not just about experiencing new food but also about seeking to learn about a culture different from our own. We must endeavor to love the world around us for the differences that have manifested over time, and by simply coming together to share a meal, this vision is being accomplished.  The Bedouin Tent is simply the beginning to a whole new tale—another path whose purpose must be uncovered.

Endeavor to learn. Seek new things. Try the pita. Bon appetite.

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