One year later, still no unifying message from OWS [video]


Financial District, NEW YORK– More than 1,000 people returned to Wall Street to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement Monday, Sept. 17 and have remained in smaller groups throughout the week. Joseph "Normal Guy" Holmes talked to occupiers for the anniversary.

Reporting by Joseph Holmes. Videography by Celina Durgin. Video editing by Taylor Campbell.

Some occupiers continued touting pacifism and anger against corporate greed, while others focused their celebratory protests on the upcoming presidential election.

Many said they were unsure of all the demands and messages of the movement but upheld anger against the status quo.

Several protestors carried black signs bearing the white words, "We're still here," and other phrases alluding to their anniversary. One woman stood on a low wall and began a chant expressing frustration with the government and public's treatment of the environment.

The Nation reported more than 180 arrests of protesters since Monday. Most have been related to obstruction of traffic.