Giving Guests a New York Experience

With the holiday season approaching, New York City is the place to be. Students in the city are lucky enough to be around for most of the most wonderful time of the year. If friends and family haven’t already started visiting as often as possible, they surely will as soon as the Rockefeller tree goes up. When guests do come, you’re going to want to make sure they have the full New York experience. But let’s be realistic: there are way too many delicious restaurants to go to, and any part of this city is an experience in itself. Keep these few things in mind as you’re hosting:

Set Expectations

One essential aspect of living in the big city means limited apartment space. Even guests staying hotels experience this, but especially when staying in a New York apartment, the shortage is real. Make sure that your guests are aware of this before they arrive and that they don’t expect luxurious sleeping conditions. Adding one more person in an already too small apartment can be difficult, but it can also be fun. At the very least, don’t forget to tell your roommates in advance!

Consider the Costs

Keep in mind that your guests won’t have the unlimited metro-card. If possible, try to keep the subway rides to a minimum. Make sure they go on it at least once to get a feel for it, but the last thing they want to be doing is constantly adding money to their card and being stuck underground. Walking is free and a great way to see the city.

Enjoy the View

You know they’re going to want to get the best pictures to post on Instagram: walk down the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and admire Manhattan from afar. If you’ve been graced with an apartment building that has a roof, show them the city from a higher perspective.

Honor Their Tourism

No matter how much you dread it, Times Square is an inescapable trip. Amidst the hordes of tourists, costumes, and chaos, it is a rare sight to see. Though you might be miserable, your guests will thank you.

Share Your Personal Experience

After Times Square and a couple of classic views of the skyline, your guests will most likely have their fill of doing the typical tourist things. Stop by your favorite local coffee shop (anything other than Starbucks), and walk through your favorite neighborhoods. They most likely will want to feel like they're living your life, not just visiting. So simply invite them into your typical routine, and show them what your normal day consists of.

Having guests come to visit is an invaluable reminder that even through the chaos and busyness of school and work, we still live in the greatest city.

“I think it is important to have guests come and visit because it brings two of your worlds together, New York and home,” says sophomore, Erin Alaniz. “Every time I have friends or family out to New York it reminds of how beautiful the city is and how lucky I am to live here.”