Fashion Week brings neons and fur to street style


Kashmiri attended a Fashion Week runway show at Lincoln Center last week and picked out trends. This Fall 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week displayed street and runway trends that are sure to last into the next season.

Street style reflected the runway style, just with less glamor. As always, black was everywhere, but colorful beanies stood out.  People wore these beanies in all sorts of ways: going the more casual route in a t-shirt and jeans or in a more formal way wearing a cocktail dress. These beanies featured another popular runway trend: color.

Beanies trend at Fashion Week. Photo by Erin Kelley.

On the runway designers presented lavish gowns in rich shades; on the street, people expressed color with not only beanies, but also neon sneakers. Men and women decked out in colorful “kicks” swaggered through the crowds.

Even though color took the front row this season, the usual black was still a main trend. People wore head-to-toe black, and whether they were going for the classy or the futuristic style, both had the same sleek quality.

Fur accented clothing throughout Lincoln Center. Both women and men embraced this trend.

Some women opted for fur more as a staple piece by wearing a fur vest, while some wore fur dresses. Men showed up in fur hats and a few even wore floor-length fur coats with thigh-high boots.

Additionally, an international influence characterized Fashion Week. Whether through fabric or form, different cultures cropped up in both men and women’s fashion. Some women took an Eastern influence by wearing “modern” kimonos, while others wore African inspired turbans. A European influence showed up among men: they wore an Italian sleek leather look.