What your favorite Christmas music says about you

Kelly Clarkson's Wrapped in Red album cover It’s that time of year again: the Rockefeller Center tree is up, lights are wrapped around every tree in the city and there’s Christmas music playing on a loop in every store. Whether you’re obviously crazy about Christmas or you like to celebrate on the down-low, let’s admit it, we all listen to Christmas music, whether classic or contemporary. Here’s what your favorite Christmas album says about your personality.

Kelly Clarkson- Wrapped in Red (2013)

You love Kelly, of course, and just like her, have a lively personality. Pop music is your thing, and there’s nothing like Kelly’s strong voice and upbeat music to get you going. You enjoy Christmas classics like “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” but you also love to hear some new songs, like “Underneath the Tree.” You’re likely to throw your own Christmas party and play this album in the background to share with your friends.

Sufjan Stevens- Silver and Gold: Songs for Christmas, Vols. 6-10 (2012)

You’re not a cookie cutter when it comes to music, but you would definitely cut cookies while listening to this album (and bake and decorate them). You respect Stevens for releasing not just one, but two Christmas albums, both with five discs. Just like him, you can’t get enough Christmas music, but you get tired of listening to the same old boring Christmas songs and instead opt for an alternative, folky set of tunes.

Josh Groban- Noel (2007)

You may or may not be in your mid-forties, but whatever age you are, you love Josh’s vibrato and classical influences. You tear up every time you listen to this album, because it’s not just the Christmas season that makes you sentimental, but Josh’s soaring voice as well. You like to sit by the fireplace while listening to this album and sing along, pretending that you and Josh are having a duet while flying on a magic carpet.

N Sync- Home for Christmas (1998)

In your opinion, the nineties were the good old days. You hold pride that you were alive when this album came out (even though you were probably just a kid). Every time you hear the song “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,” you break out into dance and lip sync the words, using a nearby object as a microphone. At some point, you’ve tried to breakdance while listening to this album.

Bing Crosby- Merry Christmas (1945)

You’re a bit old-fashioned and occasionally wish you lived in the forties. Luckily, you can always listen to Bing and feel like you’re right there with him. This classic album, featuring his iconic version of "White Christmas," gets better each year, and you listen to it on a loop while sipping eggnog and watching the snow fall from your cozy window seat.

Christmas Hymns

You’re traditional, conservative and excellent at vibrato. You listen to Christmas hymns all season to prepare for that long-awaited moment on Christmas Eve when you go to your church service and hit all the notes perfectly. Every year, you forget about the gifts, the glitz and the glamour and just remember the reason for the season.