King's Fashion Icons: Special Edition


Welcome back, King’s students. It’s a new year, full of new teachers, new classes and most importantly, new outfits! These fellow classmates impressed me with their wardrobes last season and continue to catch my eye this year. I present to you our fashion icons for the months of November, December and January: Esther Smith ('13) and Jake Rienstra ('13) take away the month of November. Jordan Montgomery ('14) and Charles Carman ('13) are our lovely fashion icons for December. Last, but certainly not least, are our fashion icons for January: Hannah Lyter ('15) and Jonathan Lile ('15).

Shamaila: How much do you love fashion?

Jordan: Well, my mother informed me the other day that the only time she sees me smile is when I try on a new outfit.  So I guess that is how much I love fashion, though that seems sort of sad.

Jonathan: I would say I have a love hate-relationship with fashion.  Of course I love walking into a room and knowing I'm the best-dressed guy there, but the pressure of always having to maintain that status can be pretty daunting.

Shamaila: What influences your style?

Jordan:   Magazines really influence my style.  I tend to go sit in Barnes and Noble for hours looking at every magazine possible.  I also love keeping up with all of my favorite blogs and I like to play around on Tumblr and Polyvore, which both help me see new trends.

Charles: Random strangers in New York influence me, but mostly advice from well-respected, trusted friends.

Shamaila: Why even bother looking nice– what’s the point?

Esther: I mean, you're talking to a girl who shows up late to class wearing yoga paints covered in cat hair. All I can say is that I look nice when I'm around people, but if I never had to impress anyone, I would rock the cat hair yoga pants every single day.

Charles: I'm in New York City. I appreciate good taste. I have real, philosophical reasons for certain styles, and the reasons would take too long to fully divulge.  Ask me in person!

Shamaila: Describe your evolution of style.

Hannah: I went through a very tragic period in my life when I thought wearing scrunchies in my hair and Converse with everything was "stylish."  When I got into my teens I fell in love with vintage fashion and started wearing my great grandma's dresses and my grandmother's jewelry.  My style lately is just a mix of everything I love.  I don't really have a specific "look."

Jake: When I started caring about what I was wearing, I cared way too much about brands.  Then I got preppy/Ivy to the extreme:  Madras patchwork, pastels and penny loafers.  Since then I've loosened up some and gotten a little more into Americana and work-wear stuff.  I can still get preppy in the summer, but in the winter I start going a little on the woodsman side.

Shamaila: What are the fashion trends in your hometown?

Hannah:  Oh my.  I don't think fashion exists in my hometown.  If you wear jeans with anything other than a t-shirt, people ask you why you're dressed up and if you're going somewhere.  One thing that I've noticed a lot of girls wearing is crop tops, skinny jeans and Uggs.  All at the same time.

Jonathan: I'm from Akron, Ohio and people mostly wear the traditional American Eagle T's, Ugg boots and sweatpants.  The latest trends I can remember are snap-back hats and those big fake glasses everyone likes to wear.

Shamaila: Describe your worst outfit ever.

Esther: I had a t-shirt with the Taco Bell chihuahua on the front saying, "Yo quiero Jesus!"

Jake: I remember layering three Polos once upon a time in 10th grade.  All the collars were popped.  It wasn't a good time in my life.

Shamaila Iqebal and the Empire State Tribune would like to thank Esther Smith, Jake Reinstra, Jordan Montgomery, Charles Carman, Hannah Lyter and Jonathan Lile for their time and wish them good luck on their future fashion choices!