Announcing: Empire State Television ("ESTv")


"The Weekly Bull," the broadcast journalism branch of the Empire State Tribune, is now "Empire State Television," or "ESTv." This Fall marks a fresh start for the student-run broadcasting program, an opportunity for expansion beyond a weekly show and a solidified partnership with The Empire State Tribune, the former Weekly Bull parent organization. The broadcasting section of the Tribune was established by former Editor-in-Chief Carly Hoilman (Truth, ‘15) and current Editor-in-Chief Michael Sheetz (Churchill, ‘17) in Fall 2013, thanks also in part to the behind-the-scenes work of Abby Caddick (Anthony, '16). Hoilman and Sheetz began "The Weekly Bull" as a means to both try their hand at broadcast video and to deliver Tribune news to the student body through a different medium. After two seasons of growth, 2013-2014 and 2014-2015, Christina Markakis (Thatcher, '18) took the lead as the Bull's Executive Producer and began to foster an even larger staff. In 2015-2016 season, the Bull published 16 regular episodes garnering hundreds of views. Markakis also guided the Bull in creating an eight episode 2016 Student Body President "Election Series," giving King's students a look into the lives and goals of the candidates from this past SBP election cycle.

The Tribune's Facebook and Twitter pages will remain the primary social media outlets for the student organization. ESTv will continue to operate its Facebook and Instagram pages, with a new Snapchat coming soon!

ESTv Executive Producer Ivan Olivo (Bonhoeffer, ‘18) and Creative Director Anastassia Gliadkovskaya (Ten Boom, '18) explain that, “with new leadership and new talent on the broadcasting team, it's time to start fresh. In addition, we chose the name Empire State Television (ETSv) to solidify the growing relationship that we have with the Empire State Tribune.”

At the end of last spring, Olivo and Gliadkovskaya recruited an exceptionally talented team and, with the platform provided by the name change, they are “ready to showcase the organization's growing potential.” ESTv will continue to produce weekly episodes to bring students the latest in local news.

The plan to strengthen communication and synergies between the EST and ESTv will prioritize “a fluid exchange of ideas." This will allow both journalism sectors to play off of each other’s initiatives and on-campus presence. Weekly meetings between EST and ESTv staff will create opportunities for reporters from both to disseminate their stories more widely and efficiently. For example, current EST reporters will have closer proximity to the broadcast, giving them the ability to have their stories featured by ESTv as well by the newspaper.

Given the broadcasting organization’s newly curated talent and closer relationship with the EST, ESTv’s “biggest changes will include a more punctual episode release schedule, several recurring entertainment pieces throughout the season, increased live snapchat coverage, more involvement with the student body within our episodes, and finally, making our episodes more accessible to watch online," Olivo added.

The Tribune is proud to continue to foster growth in student journalism on campus with ESTv helping to lead the way.