3 Ways to Prep Your Closet For Fall/Winter

In case you’ve been too busy to notice: autumn is here, ladies and gentlemen! As you begin to break out your windbreakers and scarves, you should probably start thinking about what items you’ll be adding to your wardrobe this fall and winter. Some of you might need to purchase your first “real” winter coat (welcome to New York winters) and snow boots, some may be deciding what items to use to revamp their wardrobe and others may just be looking to add a few finishing touches to their closet. Luckily for you, I spent some time perusing the galleries at fashiontv.com to bring some trends straight from the runway to you. Three rules (okay, guidelines) for shopping (or thrifting) this season:

  1. Get your hands on some fur.

  2. Look to the 70s for color inspiration.

  3. Go big or go home.

Rule 1

Fur was all over the runway this season. If you’re really looking to make a statement, few things are more glamorous than a big and fluffy fur coat.  For the more practical, a coat with a fur collar and/or cuffs will be easier to maintain, but sure to impress. Not in the market for a new coat? Fur accessories can inject any of your winter looks with an extra shot of glamour. Crown yourself with a fur hat and you will be sure to stand out. A fur scarf, whether big and fluffy or thin with a leopard print, is sure to do the trick.  Note that with a scarf you’ll be able to cling onto your fur indoors even after shedding your outer layers. For those with a more subtle style: have no fear, fur accents on gloves and bags are a great way to incorporate this trend without overdoing it.

Rule 2

Keep your colors muted this season.  You’ll be commanding enough attention in all your fluffy glory.  Type “1970s color palette” into Google Images to get a visual of what I’m talking about. Think brown. This color has so many different shades to keep you occupied this season. Explore the entire spectrum from brown-black to beige. Don’t be too afraid of color this season. Yellow and pink are two popular colors from the 70s that you can use to accent those browns.  Just be sure that the pink shades are light and soft, like a strawberry milkshake, and the yellow shades are on the mustard rather than the sunshine end of the spectrum. As alway,s throw in your neutrals as needed: navy, black and white (if you still don’t believe in white after Labor Day, you may also be shocked to find out that there are currently two women running for President).

Rule 3

Now don’t go donating your skinny jeans just yet, but we both know you have plenty of form fitting clothes already.  I’d recommend aiming for a looser fit for any of your new purchases.  Spice up your business casual uniform with some wide - I mean WIDE - -legged pants.  Chunky sweaters will look great paired with last year's skinny fit pants.  Chunky or not, knee length coats or longer will be bold and provide extra warmth.  Swap out those knee high boots for some thigh highs.  Oversized scarves are sure to keep you warm this winter and will turn any outfit into a statement. And remember rule number one - what better way to add volume to a silhouette than with a puff of fur?