King's Klowns: Leggings Are Not Pants


Attention all wanna-be-hipster King’s students: there are actually business people that work in the Empire State Building, believe it or not.  I’m here to modify your wardrobe so you look like you belong in the school you attend. Part of being a student at King’s is accepting the dress code. As stated in the student handbook, the dress code is "business casual."   Today, ladies, let’s redefine your definition of pants.

If there were a King’s competition for best dressed between both sexes, the winners would be the males, undoubtedly.  Why would the women lose?  What is referred to as tights, microfiber tights, knit tights, leggings and/or stockings is the reason. Call them whatever you want, but the point is that they are not business casual.

Nobody wants to see your sacred parts.  The rule to follow is that your front and trunk should be covered. This leg wear has many purposes, none of them being, “to be worn solely as pants.”   Mostly worn in New York City during the colder months of the year, these leg-wear items are a great addition to an outfit underneath dresses, pencil skirts or a longer blouse (that covers the front and trunk, obviously).

If you type “business casual” into Google, tights aren’t shown on the images page, let alone are they seen worn as pants. Please, ladies, be more professional in the Empire State Building.  It’s embarrassing to witness a peer in leggings with heels and a short blazer stand next to a professional businessman in the elevator of a prominent building.

Elizabeth Vega is a guest writer for the Empire State Tribune.