The Fine Print: 10 Secrets to Surviving Freshman Year


If you’re reading this, you’ve made it. You’re here in New York City. You’ve survived the long haul from home. Heck, you’ve survived two natural disasters before the second week of school. You’ve lugged all your belongings into your new apartment or dorm, and if you’re a girl, you’ve begun to wonder why you own so much stuff.

Welcome to King’s. The returning students at the ESTribune truly hope the next four years are filled with wonderful lessons about PPE, MCA or business for you. But there are a few lessons you need to learn outside of the classroom:

  1. It’s not treason to make friends with other Houses or members of the opposite sex.
  2. Don’t expect to get the full New York experience your first few weeks at King’s. You’ll have plenty of weekends to explore the city, but House and school events will flood your first month.
  3. If you only use half the groceries you buy, that’s okay. You’ll learn what to buy and what to pass on soon enough. And if you live in Ludlow, don’t worry: Ramen comes in over ten varieties.
  4. Try to visit at least three churches before you decide on one. Jesus comes in many flavors here. But do join one before Christmas! Plugging into circles outside of King’s will round out your perspective.
  5. You don’t have to join every organization at King’s. They won’t be offended if you say no.
  6. Embrace your house’s cultish rituals. They’re your family away from home, and every family has its quirks.
  7. Don’t let the upperclassmen intimidate you. You outnumber them 2:1.
  8. Two words: roommate contract.
  9. Make friends with your building staff.
  10. Take time to get to know your professors. They each have a distinct personality and teaching style. The better they know you, the more they can invest in you.

But most importantly, enjoy your time at King’s. It’s going to be a fantastic year!

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