Move Over, Studying--Baseball May Become TKC’s New Favorite Pastime


As the MLB season begins to wind down, TKC baseball is just hitting the field. In the midst of season openers and homecoming excitement I recently sat down with Lions Baseball Captain Grant Olson to discuss the state of the team and the Lions’ expectations for the season. So you have a background in baseball. But how much of your team has baseball experience and what effect does this have on your development as a team?

“It's interesting really, what having a background in baseball means. While I have played my whole life, we have guys on the team who didn't play at all in high school, and others with even less experience. As a team, the only way this has really affected us is that sometimes guys who aren't as knowledgeable about the sport might not know which play to make in certain situations.”

What is the greatest road block facing the team right now?

“Player commitment. If King's athletics is going to grow, it can't be in an environment where only myself and a few other guys are the ones consistently going to practices. My biggest obstacle last year was, and remains, getting guys out to practices and to commit to a team. It gets frustrating; I don't want to babysit, I want to play. But I feel like sometimes I have to do that with some of the guys I've dealt with the last two years.”

How did last season’s losses affect the team’s outlook for the upcoming season?

“Our losses last year didn't really hurt our team. We had very limited practice time and really were not prepared for games last spring (I know I wasn't). But playing in the games themselves was great overall for the team, as it allowed us to play against another team, not ourselves in practice.”

As Captain, what is your greatest goal for the team his season? Are there any team goals?

“As captain, my individual goal is to not let my team down. I can do that in a number of ways, mainly by trying my hardest every time I'm on the field in practice or a game, and also by managing the team with a level of understanding and compassion so I don't get angry with my teammates. As a team, I think our goal this year is to win. We were far from it last season, but we have a lot more talent this year and I'm excited to see what we can do.”

What effect do you think the emergence of a Baseball program will have on the school?

“I really hope Baseball expands the athletic involvement at the school. Whether King's students want to care about it or not, athletics in college are a necessary part of growing any school and bringing notoriety to it as an institution.”

What is the best way for the school to support the Baseball team?

“Simply support us. We're student athletes, and sports is our way to have fun and let loose. While some people find entertainment in reading or walking or any other number of pastimes, we play sports. If the students want to support us, all they have to do is come to our games.”

Put down the books and come support Lions Baseball on October 1st against NYU for their homecoming season opener.



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