On King's Athletics: Women's Soccer Captain Speaks Up


The weather is getting cooler and the leaves are starting to fall and we all know what that means – basketball season is coming. But since the greatest sport on earth is only in the practice stages I thought it might be a good idea to share the spotlight with one of the equally important, though not as awesome, sports: soccer. While I may not be the biggest fan of soccer, junior Amanda Sanderson is and she was happy to bring us up to speed on how the season is going.

Liz: You had your first game this previous weekend. How did that go?

Amanda: The game went pretty well. We played a man down for most of the game and we started off strong. Overall we held our own. I was really proud of the team.

Liz: What strides were made as a team?

Amanda: I think we came together really well during the game, and I could definitely see the formation of a good chemistry. This team has a lot of potential.

Liz: Were there any improvements as far as individual players? Did anyone step up as an individual player?

Amanda: I think everyone improved. Playing a man down, coupled with a terrible ref, is tough and it’s easy to give up. But I think everyone kept pushing themselves and didn't give up or get down. It was a good growing experience for everyone.

Liz: What has been the greatest challenge facing the team this season?

Amanda: I think commitment. King's is tough academically, and they like to have a lot of events going on, so it’s easy to skip practice to do homework or go to a school event.

Liz: Is this a problem all the teams are facing, or just soccer?

Amanda: I think all the teams face this problem. I just think it’s more noticeable in soccer because you need a lot of people to have a successful program.

Liz: As the captain of the soccer team and an employee of the athletic department, what steps do you think the school should take in order to see the athletic department/teams grow?

Amanda: Honestly, I think the school needs to decide if they really want to do athletics. Part of having a successful athletics program is having the faculty and student body behind you. King's talks about excellence all the time but I think athletics get pushed to the side because it is outside the realm of academia. If King's wants a legitimate athletics program, I feel they need to put more effort into the program and fostering school pride.

Liz: So TKC has a legacy of being a great soccer school, what do you think is the first step the program must take in order to once again be a great soccer school?

Amanda: I think the first step is dedication. Have a pool of players dedicated to the team – players who are at every practice, every game, and you know without a shadow of a doubt they'll be there.

Liz: What is your greatest hope for the soccer team this season? What do you, as a team, hope to accomplish?

Amanda: My personal hope is to get a win. I really believe this team could do that. Greatest hope as a team ... I think to lay a firm foundation for the future of King's soccer. 

The team’s next game is this Sunday in beautiful Fairfield, CT. So, if you love soccer or simply want a break from the city, come show your support.

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