King's Council Meeting: Notes by Ray


I would like to take this opportunity to share some of the amusement of the Council proceedings this week.

  • Pre-Meeting: Three Presidents sent proxies, but failed to give 24 hours notice of who those proxies would be, so they will not be permitted to vote.  Mad props to Churchill for showing up as a voting House and being the only such guys' House!
  • Invocation: Quorum was achieved at 6:32 when Christina Stewart of Barton arrived. Colossians 3:23 was the introductory verse for the evening. Clara LeFever prayed.
  • Reports were reordered to allow Global Generation to come to the top of the order; John Bianchi has a fairly sharp time constraint this evening. This group will engage the city by creating writers, ambassadors and researchers equipped to interact with political movers and shakers. Bianchi implied that there would be an eventual political base formed through this group for the members to run for us and meetings would be bi-monthly.  The Presidents then had opportunity to ask questions:

SBA: What do you have to say about the potential overlap with City Engagement?

Bianchi: City Engagement is directed toward volunteers.  We are research-based, problem-solving. We are interested in coordinating information from various organizations.

QE1: What is Gonska’s role?

Bianchi: He is labeled as founder, I as president.  He is going to be more involved at other schools.  We are making a test model for an entire network at King’s. We hope to be like Campus Crusade in scale.

Churchill:  What sort of budget are you looking for?

Bianchi: Minimal, will be submitted tomorrow. 150-200 dollars.

QE1: Are students interested?

Bianchi: 65 students signed up at NSO; I anticipate 40 regular members.

There was no actual debate on the motion, which was "straight passed"--all voting members voted "aye."

  • The Financial Services club did not show up. Ironically, they were having trouble with their budget and so were delayed in submitting their applications. Jason Craig, not A.J. Aran, is in charge now.
  • President’s Report: Chess Tournament will take place during Homecoming.
  • This guy, Steve, a friend of Prof. Fotoupolus,  is starting an organization similar to Yelp, and they will be having a lunch in the Lounge. Madison's accent on "Steve" was hilarious.
  • September 19th is the new Facilities Manager start date.
  • Council Room will be improved shortly.
  • Athletic garb for student athletes will only be permitted game days and practice days. There are specific stipulations as to the time frame, which will be announced shortly.
  • By Bennett’s urging: “I move that two students be appoint to the Emergency Operations committee."  Madison stumbled in saying "Irene."  They must be one male and one female who have lived on campus for at least a semester. One hour meeting on rare occasion. Motion approved and nominations: Katie Lay, Nate Plum (who lives off campus and is therefore ineligible), Mitch Hailstone and Hannah Rawls.
  • Events Report: Clara gave a brief description of Homecoming preparations.  Right now, they are finalizing the schedule.  The Chess Tournament will be on Wednesday and the game against D’Souza will be on Thursday.
  • SBA: Is there any way to have Kreeft face-off D’Souza? Answer: No.
  • Communications: J-Rob deadpanned, “I have nothing to report....Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, that thing," and then reminded the Council of the coming event with Dr. White.
  • Unfinished Business: Lockers motion was recast, and SBA immediately moved to table it for two weeks, to satisfy Duane Moeller, who needs two weeks to investigate the amount of space needed.
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