Council Meeting 10-12-11

I got in just before start today.  It would appear that Meagan Clark is giving some sort of presentation. Isaiah 43: 1-3

Charlotte Mayfield prayed.

There actually was an issue with the minutes this week (!)  These happen once in a blue moon, and are generally not dangerous.

President's Report: Council Retreat will not be this next weekend because the location didn’t come through, and midterms would be a bad time.  Just have that Saturday for a cookout in the evening at Greg and David’s for the Council.  Friday, Oct. 21st is that special meeting; it will be the Presidents’ Meeting.  Alexandra pointed out that there is a schedule conflict.  Oish.  Scheduling conflicts:  why I don’t like the school growing bigger.  Just Kidding.  It’s great to have so many oppurtunities.

Leedy has a blog post up about the dress code, particularly about the athletic wear bit.

The Board will be in next Tuesday, but will not have any time to meet with the Council  There will likely be coffee next week during midterms provided by the Council.

Eric Metaxes informed the school that there will be a Socrates in the City book release tomorrow night.  If any of our people were interested in volunteering, it would be most appreciated.

Finance Report: Katie Lay made an intriguing voyage into dialect.  Homecoming money is the only significant change since last meeting.  Motion to give $500 to the Trib for travel expenses to a conference.  Meagan will speak herself.  She made a hand out.

The Conference is hosted by College Media Advisors, which has 700 member schools.  There is one conference each semester.  Last year, Tiffany and she went and found it very beneficial, which she feels helped the paper as a whole.   Meagan made the point that King’s should be able to compete and represent at this conference.  The hope will be to have our folks staff the New York one in the spring.  The concern in additionally going to the fall conference is to enable better succession planning in the spring.

Alexandra:  What is the cost breakdown?  Insert second handout from Meagan.  Actual total costs are just shy of a thousand; the difference is cobbled together from personal money of Meagan’s, MCA money and World Journalism Institute money.

Charlotte:  Do you have this in the budget already?  No.  This may become a regular thing.

Nays:  Churchill, QEI, Lewis, Bonhoeffer

Ayes: Tuth, ten Boom, Barton, Reagan, Thatcher and SBA

Motion fails, because it is not neccasarily a simple majority motion.

Events report:  There will be a Halloween corollary to the Red and Green Affair.  Fall Concert will be done as a charity for Bring Change.

FALSE!  The paper motion does pass because it is simple, (not complex?).

Orgs Report:  The Little Blue Book of Helpful Hints for the Org leader was published and distributed.

Communications Report:  Provost Forum was today, which was very informative yet sparsely attended.  Charlotte was distinguished for having attended. As per Alexandra’s request, notes may become available.

Unfinished business: Dress Code committee prop.

Reagan:  What will this current format accomplish?  Format is changeable.  Having an official, nonformal area for discussion of this matter would be greatly beneficial.

Further background on the rationale for such a committee involves both legal issues and legalism.  Male professors can’t address female impropriety and because the majority of the students are women and the majority of the professors are men, we’ve got issues..  Business Casual is vague; we might want to tighten it.

Charlotte:  Might that size be too large?  Motion amended from six to two non Council people. Madison amended out VP of Student Life so that it would be VP of Students, so as pertain to the correct person. Tim:  Would a faculty member be helpful?  Probably All amendments approved unanimously by show of hands.

Thatcher thinks the committee vague and abstract.  Deadlines and guidelines should be introduced.

Greg upheld the status quo; David highlighted some of the current issues.  Alexandra supported David’s point, by adding that things are a bit more strange now, more than dress code issues.

Lewis:  Jeans aren’t technically prohibited now.

Motion: Straight passed.

Presidents: Clara nominated herself and Charlotte nominated Tim. Greg nominated Alexandra.

Students: Lauren Samuelson, Christina Carter, Annie Clark, Landon Peoples (anti-dress code), Benjamin Gotchel (consistently well-dressed), Sarah Ruth, A.J. Aran, Haley Manning (philosophical)

Faculty: Campbell, Bradley, Talcott (thinking guy), Brenberg, Innes, Fotopoulos

The Meeting then went into Executive Session and I left.

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