Ten Apps Every Student Should Have


A smartphone is one of the most useful tools that a student can bring to college.  This one handy little resource makes it possible to keep notes, internet, email, e-books, recorded lectures, and countless other study materials easily accessible and at the tip of your finger.  With over half a million applications available for download through the iStore and new ones being added each day, it is inarguable that the student of today has a huge comparative advantage over any previous generation.  With that said, the following is a list of 10 apps that you are most likely to find on any TKC student's iPhone:  

1. Instagram

Hipster paradise! Instagram is a collection of 17 camera filters (ten of which are nearly identical) that allow anyone and everyone to transform their boring sunset photos into (still boring) works of art. The app will also upload your quaint new masterpieces simultaneously to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, forcing the rest of the world to appreciate how deep and individualistic you truly are. It’s the best way to promote yourself as a starving artist while still using your $500 iPhone.


2. Voxer

This free walkie-talkie app is just another step in the evolution of drunk dialing. Voxer allows users to record and send short voice messages through their contact list. These messages are then organized in a conversational layout similar to texting. This makes Voxer perfect for communicating with those you don’t care enough to call or like enough to text.

(Note: While it is not explicitly stated in the user tutorial, Voxer messages are best when limited to dirty words and fart noises.)


3. Shazam

Shazam is an app that can identify any song after just 15 seconds of listening. The app will then provide artist information as well as lyrics, tour dates and download links on iTunes.  Unfortunately, no matter how many times you try, you'll never be able to fool Shazam into thinking that you're Adele.

4. Words With Friends

Words With Friends is Scrabble for your iPhone! This means that players can finally enjoy all the thrill of a word-based board game without those uncomfortable “social interactions” with Grandma that playing in person requires.

5. Draw Something

For the smartphone user who never quite mastered the complexities of Words With Friends, Draw Something is a (much) simpler Pictionary-based game, which has college students occupying their valuable study time with awkward stick-figure doodles barely worthy of a grade-school fridge.

6. Siri

Apple realizes that if you're willing to pay $500 for a new iPhone 4G, some people may view you as a tad pretentious.  As a solution to this problem, all new iPhones now come equipped with your brand new best friend--Siri!  Because who needs to socialize when you have this bundle of joy ready to discuss with you all of your most philosophical inquiries such as: "Will you marry me, Siri?" and "Tell me I'm pretty."


7. ZombieBooth

Have you ever wondered what you’d look like as a zombie? Well wonder no longer! The makers of ZombieBooth have developed an ever-practical application whose sole purpose is to transform iPhone photos into interactive 3-D zombies! (But be careful--they bite!)

8. Temple Run

This game is an excellent training simulator that prepares you for all those times in life that you find yourself running through a temple from an angry mob of masked monkey murderers*. The game is also a great alternative to any strenuous physical activity, as it only requires users to imagine running, jumping and sliding under gateways for dear life. In actuality, however, the only athleticism involved is some minimal hand-eye coordination as you tilt your iPhone back and forth. You’re never in danger of breaking sweat!

*The phrase “masked monkey murderers” is referring to masked monkeys that murder. Not people that murder masked monkeys. And not masked people who murder monkeys, either.

9. Pandora

Pandora radio was created for the person who enjoys Katy Perry but can never seem to find any similarly terrible music. This app seeks to solve that problem by having users suggest an artist and maybe ‘like’ a few songs. Pandora then uses this information to compile a narrow playlist of repetitive songs, which are sure to eliminate any diversity from your musical collection.

10. The King’s College Athletic Program Application

Developed by the strange and mysterious TKC Athletic Department, this app lists all game times, stats and scores. Be sure to download it today and keep track of all both of your favorite TKC athletes!