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The Council will Decide Monday Whether to Double the House Points for Interregnum this Year

The King’s Council will vote next Monday on a proposal to double the points of this year’s Interregnum events that would count toward the House Cup point system. Due to the Student Life and House President’s decision to cut the competitive aspect of the House Futures Competition from the House Cup, the House of Ronald Reagan has set the proposal forward to increase the quality of Interregnum and help build community among house members.

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International Cuisine in Lower Manhattan Sparks Connection with Culture

In a place as diverse as New York City, finding the best authentic food can be a difficult task when there are over 24,000 dining establishments to choose from. Four students of The King’s College chose their favorite place to eat among the thousands of restaurants and verified that these locations reminded them of the food they ate back home.

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Religious Freedom and Anti-Semitism: Is Europe Disconnected from Faith?

Acclaimed panelists came together on Nov. 6 at the Museum of Jewish Heritage to discuss how the Islamization of Europe and the rise of new secularism is resurrecting anti-Semitism in contemporary Europe today. According to Glendon’s observations, religious indifference is a factor that causes Europeans to disregard religious freedom as an important right. She even mentioned that she struggled to convince people that religious freedom was a right worth protecting.

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