Candidates Disagree on Exec Positions, Funding and Social Issues in Tuesday's Debate

The three candidates for Student Body President went head to head in a debate on Tuesday, where they faced questions on the state of communities and culture at The King’s College.

None of the three candidates have promised any Cabinet positions. Rogers and Wilson are both currently working on seperate applications for Cabinet positions to use if she or he gets elected. Wilson made it clear that those who would be on his Cabinet would not just be worthy of serving, but would be students that would work specifically well with him.

Rogers brought up several ideas that would lead to an increase in King’s spending, some of which Smith disagreed on. Rogers said student athletic teams do not have a trainer, and that she would like to hire one to make athletes more safe. However, Smith disagreed, and said that if the school does not have the money for a new counselor, then it certainly does not have the money for a trainer.

Regarding a question on minority students, both Wilson and Smith claimed that they are unable to speak on the issue, but would equip those who work on this.

Rogers said that we have made progress with moving from discussions towards action. However, she mentioned that those in Statesmanship are entirely white, and by creating applications and opening up the Cabinet to hearing more voices would better help minority students.

Though, followers on Twitter were quick to point out that the House of C.S. Lewis President, Kyle Kendrick, is not white.

Each candidate seemed to have a completely different view on whether or not the exec members are asked to do too much. Brandon said “yes,” as the idea that the weight on the shoulders of the Chamberlain is too much for any student is a central part to his platform.

Rogers explained that when exec teams were first created, houses had only 20 students on average. Exec teams still make sense, but as the students body continues to get better and “we find our homes” we cannot simply have four 20-year-olds carry the burdens of the houses.

Elle said the SBP can add better training for exec members, but they cannot change the job descriptions for exec-team positions, to which Smith said it may not be in his position to redefine Chamberlain, but what he can do is “fight like hell for it.”

As the final question, the candidates were asked to state their favorite part of their opponents platform. Wilson said he agrees with Smith on redefining the Chamberlain position. Rogers said that she also agrees with Smith that certain student leaders bear too much responsibility, but we need to talk about things the right way.

“Let’s broaden Brandon’s idea to all of exec,” Rogers said.

Smith said he believes Elle is on the right track in discussing better communication with athletic groups and other organizations.