Watch-ing your health: Apple announces Series 4 Apple Watch

|| Graphics by Lauren Davis

|| Graphics by Lauren Davis


Apple is not only helping you watch the time, but helping you watch your health as well.

Apple announced the Apple Watch series 4 in the Steve Jobs Theater on September 12th. This new version in the Apple Watch line has many new features such as larger screens, more options for widgets, and other internal upgrades. However, out of all of the new additions to the new watch, the feature that stood out the most for many viewers were their newly added health features.

“The completely redesigned Apple Watch Series 4 continues to be an indispensable communication and fitness companion, and now with the addition of groundbreaking features, like fall detection and the first-ever ECG app offered directly to consumers, it also becomes an intelligent guardian for your health,” Jeff Williams, Apple's Chief Operating Officer said.

Apple has been dedicated to integrating health into their products to help their customers for years now. Over the years they have introduced their health app, activity monitors, and specifically the heart rate features on the Apple Watch which have been a part of this product since day one.

The features of the Apple Watch alone have been the hero in many people’s stories of finding preemptive heart problems and complications. The Apple Watch Series 4 continues this focus in health by further bridging the gap between health and personal technology.

Fall detection

The Series 4 has a new gyroscope and accelerometer built in for better accuracy. With these new additions the watch can detect when the wearer is falling and has fallen. The watch will prompt you to have the option to call emergency services if necessary. If the watch senses you have fallen and are unresponsive after one minute, the watch will automatically make an emergency call as well as contact your emergency contacts.


ECG capability

Another upgrade in the Series 4 is the new digital crown which has a titanium electrode that can read the electrical heart impulses in your fingertip. In the back of the watch there is a new sensor made of chromium silicon carbon nitride and sapphire crystal that reads the electrical heart impulses in your wrist. With both of these sensors, your Apple Watch can read your ECG (electrocardiogram) to store in your health app to keep your records up to date.

This technology has the ability to see heart conditions you might not be able to notice such as atrial fibrillation, an irregular heart rhythm. The ECG app will be fully coming to the watch later this year.

Overall Health

Apple also added new workout options on the watch for yoga and hiking. This is in addition to the already existing options for swimming, running, boxing, and more. The Series 4 has more advanced sensors to know when you’re working out for it to better sense you. The watch also has the ability to connect with gym equipment for better readings and a more personalized experience.

These upgrades are meant to work seamlessly with the already present heart rate monitor, health app, workout app, and breathe app. Not only do these features work just with Apple implemented apps, but third party apps as well such as ones that monitor diabetes and work out centered apps. The Series 4 Apple Watch will be available to pre order on September 14th.