FiDi Favorites: The Neighborhood's Hidden Gems

|| Graphic created by Lauren Davis, Photo provided by Serena Tuomi

|| Graphic created by Lauren Davis, Photo provided by Serena Tuomi


The Financial District isn’t necessarily the most exciting food scene in the city, but there are some stand-out places in this neighborhood that The King’s College calls home. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite places near campus that have become my go-to’s since my time at King’s began:

Best Place for a Cup of Coffee: Black Fox

If you are a coffee snob, like myself, the Financial District isn’t the easiest place in the city to find a great cup of coffee. However, Black Fox is an exception. Black Fox has three core values they abide by: quality, consistency and customer experience. They are on the New York Coffee Festival’s 2019 Guide, rated on the Top 40 list. I suggest: a simple pour over.

Best Place for Breakfast: Hole in the Wall

If you and your friends are looking for breakfast near the school, whether that is because you live in the Financial District or you just find yourself here early in the morning, Hole in the Wall is your place. A true Australian cafe, they have the perfect avocado toast and buttery, folded eggs. I suggest: the acai bowl.

Best Place for a Healthy Meal: Sweetgreen or Dig Inn

Trying to eat healthy in college is not very difficult. There are quite a few salad and bowl places you can choose from right around campus, which is pretty exciting for students who find themselves in the library studying late at night. Sweetgreen is my go-to for salads whereas Dig Inn is great for bowls of warm vegetables and protein. I suggest: the Summer BBQ from Sweetgreen and the sweet potatoes, broccoli and tofu from Dig Inn.

Best Place for a Cup of Soup: Springbone

Springbone is known for their bone broths and wholesome meals. While they have a wide-array of meals that are extremely nutritious and packed with vegetables, bone broth is their specialty. If you have never tried bone broth, you definitely need to get over there. Bone broth is known for its collagen and gelatin, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, and amino acids glycine and proline. I suggest: Liquid Gold or the Vegan Pho.

Best Place for a Bagel: Leo’s Bagels

Small-batch, hand-rolled, kettle-boiled bagels. It’s owner, Adam Pomerantz, apprenticed for an Egyptian baker maker. Need I say more? I suggest: the cinnamon raisin bagel with plain cream cheese.

Best Place for Brunch and Croissants: La Parisienne

Such a small, intimate cafe that is perfect for brunch or for an afternoon espresso and pastry date. This French cafe is authentically run by French folk and is a small gem hidden on Maiden Lane. The cafe is very cozy and the staff is very friendly. It is truly a ‘hole-in-the-wall.’ I suggest: a cappuccino and the avocado toast (which comes with a unique tahini and miso spread).

Best Pizza: Joe’s Pizza

Countlessly listed on top ten guides and even once listed in GQ Magazine as one of the top twenty-five pizzas on the planet, Joe’s is hands-down the best pizza out there. Their website has an extensive history on the business, but here is a snippet: “Established in 1975 by Joe Pozzuoli, who is originally from Naples, Italy, the birthplace of pizza, Joe's Pizza is a "Greenwich Village institution" offering the classic New York slice for over 37 years.” I suggest: a regular slice of cheese.

So whether you live near campus, or you find yourself looking for a lunch again because you expected there to be free food in the fish bowl and were deeply disappointed, there is a good array of places to choose from.