Presidential Puns and Promises: SBP Candidates Host Events

The noticeable increase of pleasant aromas and sweet treats on campus this week is in part due to the fast-approaching Student Body President election.

Stuart Clay and Michael Martinez are both hard at work, hosting events and reaching out to students, in an attempt to communicate their goals for the student body.

This week, Stuart Clay hosted “Stew for Stu” and “Brew with Stu.” Michael Martinez hosted an “Open Mic with Mike.” Over food, candy and coffee the candidates answered questions and reiterated key platform points.

“The general idea behind my platform is that I want students at King’s to feel grateful for being here; to feel like they’re part of a student body-part of the King’s College,” Clay said at “Stew with Stu.”

He went on to say that the role of the student body president is to “think about what is best for the whole school, not just best for a small portion of the school.”

Through the answers Clay provided to the attendee’s questions, Clay made clear his “desire for people to love King’s as a college” and to be a leader who “help[s] people do their jobs well.”

“It’s a trying place, but I like this place,” Clay noted, reminiscing on his time at King’s.

Martinez hosted an “Open Mic” event yesterday in the Fishbowl where he answered questions and spoke with students. He made sure the students left with their questions answered, a bag of Mike and Ike’s and a printed version of his platform.

“[There is] a problem with gossip and criticism ...We are a small school. Gossip is destructive,” Martinez replied when asked by a student what he believes is the biggest problem in the King’s community.

After being asked how he would work to foster a spirit of vulnerability, as well as one that frowns on gossip while still encouraging students to adhere to the Honor Code, Martinez said he would encourage students be given the tools to have conversations that stem from asking the question of why.

“Why the honor code, the dress code, the house system?” Martinez added, also stating that student leaders should have “more training in how to understand [the honor code].”

The height of campaign season is upon us and the candidates themselves are advertising several more events. For more information on the individual candidates be sure to keep up with Tribune coverage of campaign events online and on social media.