The Council will Decide Monday Whether to Double the House Points for Interregnum this Year

Photo from TKC Marketing

Photo from TKC Marketing

The King’s Council will vote next Monday on a proposal to double the points of this year’s Interregnum events that would count toward the House Cup point system.

Due to the Student Life and House President’s decision to cut the competitive aspect of the House Futures Competition from the House Cup, the House of Ronald Reagan has set the proposal forward to increase the quality of Interregnum and help build community among house members.

If Interregnum points were to remain the same, then only four out of the ten houses would have the chance to win the House Cup. But if it were to change, then nine houses are mathematically capable of winning.

“Competition brings people together, and with Interregnum already focusing on compassion, doing everything we can to incentivize students to care about the event will only heighten their engagement with a timely theme,” the proposal states.

Interregnum is the only House Cup event left in the semester.

President of Reagan Phillip Reeves said that he sent the proposal to the House Presidents and Interregnum Chair so they can discuss it with other students and offer edits to the proposal. He also added that proposals are “designed” to open up conversations between the Council and Student Life.

“The discussion will be fine as long as everyone comes in with an open mind—ready to listen and ready to think critically and creatively,” Reeves said.

In the proposal, it mentioned that students could be encouraged to actively participate in the events and it could minimize the amount of house members using Interregnum to enjoy their free time. The House of Reagan also said in the proposal that competition isn’t everything but can be useful for houses to help foster community, develop leadership, and showcase the works of students.

“Raising the stakes of Interregnum only helps to achieve these goals,” the proposal states.

The Council meets on Mondays at 7:30pm in the Founder's Conference room