Honor survey 2014: Students assess King's honor system


Does the King's community succeed at living up to its own standards? Though perfection is illusory, are we naive to expect honor? Over the course of the 2013-2014 school year, 14 students appeared before the Honor Council (compared to 19 in 2012-2013). Situations surrounding the Council hearings varied, though the majority of offenses were alcohol-related. This year, 328 students completed the 15-question honor survey, designed to help Student Development gauge the perceived efficacy of King's honor system. The results reflect nearly an even spread among freshmen (24.1 percent), sophomore (28.1 percent), junior (28.4 percent) and senior (19.5 percent) classes. Out of those polled, 67.4 percent expressed that the College "definitely" treats them like adults and expects them to take responsibility for their own actions. Almost 68 percent of respondents agreed that their Houses "definitely" contribute to building a community of honor on campus. Even so, just under half said that they would "definitely" defend the legitimacy of The King's College honor system if one of their peers questioned them.

The complete responses to the 2013-2014 honor survey are as follows:

"The King's honor code/honor system plays a part in shaping my conduct."

"I feel like the College treats me like an adult and expects me to take responsibility for my own actions."

Definitely: 67.4%

Somewhat: 28.4%

Definitely Not: 4.3%


"I feel like the College trusts me to adhere to community standards and to do my part in building a community of honor."

Definitely: 69.8%

Somewhat: 26.2%

Definitely Not: 4.0%


"If I were to accidentally leave my electronic device (iPhone, laptop, etc.) unattended overnight in the 6th floor café, I am confident that it would not be stolen by another student."

Definitely: 65.2%

Somewhat: 31.7%

Definitely Not: 3.1%


"If I were confronted for a first, second, or third violation of a College standard, I would respond cooperatively."

Definitely: 68.6%

Probably: 28.1%

Probably Not: 2.7%

Definitely Not: 0.6%


"Upon realizing that I violated a College policy for the second time, I would go to my House Advisor and own up to my error."

Definitely: 35.4%

Probably: 40.2%

Probably Not: 19.2%

Definitely Not: 5.2%


"If I knew that I could get away with it, I would plagiarize."

Definitely: 0.6%

Probably: 1.8%

Probably Not: 19.8%

Definitely Not: 77.7%


"I would lie to protect a friend who committed an offense that I perceive as menial."

Definitely: 7.6%

Probably: 27.4%

Probably Not: 46.7%

Definitely Not: 18.3%


"I have confronted another member of the King’s community for violating the Honor Code or a community standard."

Yes: 37.8%

No: 62.2%


"I would confront a fellow House member for a first violation of College standards and/or state law (e.g. plagiarism, visitation violation, underage drinking)."

Definitely: 24.4%

Probably: 48.2%

Probably Not: 23.8%

Definitely Not: 3.7%


"The King’s Honor Code/Honor System plays a part in shaping my conduct."

Definitely: 44.2%

Somewhat: 43.6%

Definitely Not: 12.2%


"My House contributes to building a community of honor on campus."

Definitely: 67.7%

Somewhat: 28.1%

Definitely Not: 4.3%


"If a disillusioned peer asked my opinion about the legitimacy of The King’s College Honor System, I would defend it."

Definitely: 49.4%

Probably: 31.4%

Probably Not: 11.6%

Definitely Not: 7.6%