Houses elect exec teams for the 2014-15 school year


The results are in! Members of each of King's ten Houses have selected which students will lead them in the coming school year. Here are your 2014-2015 exec teams: Barton

President: Cooper Crouch

Chamberlain: Elsa Wilson

Helmsman: Alexandra Rollis

Scholar: Audrey Walczak

"Our exec team found common ground in our understanding of sisterhood and its pursuit -- our goals for next year are built upon that foundation. I could not be more excited to lead the House of Barton, with these incredible women, next year!" - Cooper Crouch, President Elect



President: Rob DeWitt

Chamberlain: Peter Murphy

Helmsman: Scott Bryan

Scholar: Michael Sheetz

"I am extremely excited about Churchill's exec team and our associate knight positions! The team has an incredible combination of experience and potential. I hope to channel the energies and talents of the entire team towards making the members of our House better men who seek one another and who seek the glory of God." - Rob DeWitt, President



President: Andrea Lopez

Chamberlain: Kirstyn Eppes

Helmsman: Jessica Burchman

Scholar: Helen Healey

"Next year we want to focus on inspiring a sense of ownership for the House. We are well aware that, in reality, the true heartbeat of Thatcher are the upperclassmen and incoming freshmen; our Exec Team is just here to serve the House any way we can. The current exec team, lead by our fearless leader, Maddie Whitlock, implemented many structural changes this year. Our hope is that we can solidify these changes, add to the longevity and strength of Thatcher, and create a sense community that Thatchers past, present, and future will want to uphold." - Andrea Lopez, President


Ten Boom

President: Rosalind Mirabito

Chamberlain: Emma Brown

Helmsman: Megan Scruggs

Scholar: Beth Weil

"I am thrilled to serve alongside such gracious, dedicated, and lively girls in the coming year. Although I have specific goals, such as maintaining house traditions and strengthening alumni relations, the larger goal is to encourage one another to be more like Christ." - Rosalind Mirabito, President



President: Spencer Kashmanian

Chamberlain: Mathew Salavitch

Helmsman: Jake Canull

Scholar: Fisher Derderian

"I want involvement with the house of Lewis to play a role in fashioning guys into the mature, God-fearing men we ought to be: men who will be good fathers, husbands, and stewards of creation. To this end, I'm talking to the house and to our advisers about fostering upperclassmen involvement, focusing on academic excellence, and introducing associate positions that extend ownership and responsibility for the house past exec team members." - Spencer Kashmanian, President



President: James Bentson

Chamberlain: Bryce Lewis

Helmsman: Fermin Villalpando

Scholar: John Sailer

"I am very confident in all our abilities. Each of the men elected are qualified and deserve their position. We plan to build on what we have already established this year: a house that pursues excellence. Next year, we want to create an environment where our men work harder in everything they do: academics, events, competitions, etc. And in all of this, we want to make sure these men are having the best time possible and create memories they won't forget." - James Bentson, President



President: Carey Bustard

Chamberlain: Carly Hoilman

Helmsman: Sarah Norton

Scholar: Leah Rabe

"Carly, Leah, Sarah, and I are committed to moving the house forward in this next year. I hope to build on what this past year's exec team has already accomplished and help our house flourish into true sisterhood and foster intentional relationships to build and develop our spiritual lives. Together as a house we want to pursue wisdom and hold each other accountable to the completion of these values." - Carey Bustard, President



President: Reese Evans

Chamberlain: Patrick Thomas

Helmsman: Taylor Thompson

Scholar: Jeremiah Gill

"The House of Reagan is committed to the mission of shaping God fearing men of integrity who prioritize fraternity and who also deliberately act to lead honorable lives. With a devotion that is not failing, the House of Reagan will serve King's and New York City in the year that is ahead; exemplifying the enduring principles of loyalty, fraternity, and honor. We choose to pursue these things not because they are easy to attain, but because they are difficult to attain--challenging the members of our House to continually grow more fraternal, more honorable, and more aware of our responsibilities we have for each other." - Reese Evans, President


President: Bethany Hennigh

Chamberlain: Erika Hilliard

Helmsman: Abby Caddick

Scholar: Ella Presley

"Next year we will strive to live from our identity by returning to traditions and continuing to develop relationships within the house. I hope to encourage the 'kindling of life' between the individual members through authenticity. I will also focus on serving the house by understanding their needs and maintaining love and pride for the house." - Bethany Hennigh, President



President: Mary Losiak

Chamberlain: Leah Contreras

Helmsman: Megan Ristine

Scholar: Celina Durgin

"On March 31st, the new QE1 executive team joined the current team for their first executive meeting. It is already very clear that both teams have high hopes for our next school year, and the new team is approaching their current team with humility and eagerness. The election speeches of our new executive team all centered around a theme of family and hospitality. Seeing their genuine concern with personal relationships gives me complete faith in their ability to succeed and excel at their respective positions." - Mary Losiak, President