Keeping Up with the King's Council: Paradosis Proposal, Budgets and more

This week’s King’s Council meeting opened on a light note and ended in a heated debate about whether to pass a motion to make the Paradosis Fellowship an official student organization. The Paradosis Fellowship, headed by Campbell Sinnett (‘17) and Nick Straut (‘18), is a gathering of Catholic students for the purpose of discussing theological matters and educating other students about Catholicism.

The debate originated when some of the House Presidents voiced their concerns about a lack of central focus: What would be the advantage of making this an official student organization? Sinnett’s answer -- for the sake of dignity and so that the group can rent out rooms -- left many Presidents unsatisfied.

Given the motion to increase the council budget which passed last Friday, other Council members see this as an opportunity to make headway on their plan to increase the number of student organizations.

In the end, the votes were split down the middle—five presidents in favor, five opposed. Student Body President Reese Evans broke the tie with a conclusive yes, meaning the motion will be sent on to Dean Leedy to determine the possible student organization's official status.    

Meeting Highlights & Motions

  • Student Body President Reese Evans
    • Working to get Council members keys to the Council room in the Student Union
  • Director of Student Organizations Annalise Bourgeois
    • Motion to vote to approve the Paradosis Fellowship. (passed)
    • In a discussion after the meeting, Bourgeious mentioned a possible re-examination of the procedures for the installment of new student orgs as well as the renewal of current student orgs.
  • Director of Student Events Mary Losiak
    • Motion to reallocate Spring Concert funds for Ice Skating at Brookfield Place. (passed) Note: Spring Concert will be a free showcase of King’s students musical talent.
    • Motion to rent Brookfield Place for an ice skating event. (passed)
    • Motion to allocate $400 of the Events Committee budget to the Young Americans for Freedom event with Bay Buchanan. (passed)
  • Director of Finance Tim Stratton
    • Motion to reallocate the outlying ~$1400 in the House Budget and distribute the funds equally among all 10 houses. (passed) Note: this House Budget excess comes from funding allocated for students who did not return for this semester (allocated ~$54 per student, $27 per semester -- around 50 students left the school).
    • Motion to reallocate $2,000 from Check I’m here Fund to the Spring Formal budget line. (passed)
  • Director of Spiritual Life Spencer Kashmanian 
    • Added a representative from the Student Athletic Advisory Committee to the Spiritual Life Committee.
  • President of Reagan Patrick Thomas
    • Motion for members of the House Future Committee to be a standing committee of the Council. (passed)
  • President of Ten Boom Jessie Schnoebelen
    • Raised concerns about Houses growing too large. If Houses are too big it may hurt community and make finding meet space more difficult.

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