Keeping Up with the King's Council: Annual Coup and Two New Committees

Last week we bade farewell to the 2015-2016 King’s Council and Cabinet, and welcomed their successors for the 2016-2017 academic year. Last year's Student Body President, Reese Evans ('16), opened the meeting in prayer, then thanked and celebrated each member of his council individually. He then made his final motion as president of The King’s College by moving to instate the newly elected members. He rose from his seat at the end of the table and welcomed Katherine Thompson ('17) and the new House Presidents to sit at the table. Thompson then dismissed her cabinet members while the House Presidents voted each one into leadership. The old King’s Council gathered around the new members as they took their oath, and prayed for their successors before leaving to hold a celebratory dinner together. Thompson addressed the new Council, delivering an inspiring speech: imploring her team to be servants of the school who pursue “work worth doing.” She asked them to commit to being attentive, active, and aware. Each member of her cabinet introduced themselves, giving brief updates regarding the work they are continuing and explaining where they intend to lead it.

The Council then turned to the new business and created two new committees to serve the college in the upcoming year. The first motion approved the formation of the House Future Committee. The newly elected members include the presidents of Lewis (Stewart Clay), Churchill (Peter Murphy), Reagan (Patrick Thomas), and Thatcher (Gabrielle Vickers). The second motion created the Budget Committee, the members of which include the President of Barton (Ali Zieminski), Truth (Dorea Slagle), and Bonhoeffer (Josh Hinen). The meeting concluded with a positive view to the year ahead.

New Positions:

  • Student Body President: Katherine Thompson
  • Director of Student Events: Michelle Linhardt ('17)
  • Director of Spiritual Life: Michael Martinez ('18)
  • Director of Student Orgs: Christina Markakis ('18)
  • Director of Finance: Ollie Garrett ('18)
  • Director of Communications: Helen Healy ('17)
  • House Presidents:
    • House of Susan B. Anthony: Stephanie Pelski ('18)
    • House of Clara Barton: Ali Zieminski ('17)
    • House of Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Josh Hinen ('17)
    • House of Sir Winston Churchill: Peter Murphy ('17)
    • House of Queen Elizabeth I: Jessica Mathews ('18)
    • House of C.S. Lewis: Stuart Clay ('18)
    • House of Ronald Reagan: Patrick Thomas ('17)
    • House of Corrie ten Boom: Emma Brown ('17)
    • House of Margaret Thatcher: Gabrielle Vickers ('17)
    • House of Sojourner Truth: Dorea Slagle  ('17)

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