House of Barton Wins Interregnum, House Cup


Gramercy Park, NEW YORK– Barton won first place in Interregnum VIII, tallying enough points to also win the coveted House cup. Barton is the second women's House to ever win Interregnum, after the House of Susan B. Anthony (SBA) swept Interregnum VII.

SBA won third place in Interregnum, and the House of Bonhoeffer won second. The Houses of Reagan and Churchill tied for second place for the House cup.

Update 4/2/12: Barton won $1,000 for winning the House Cup and $600 for Interregnum; Bonhoeffer won $300 for winning second in Interregnum, and SBA won $150; Reagan and Churchill each won $375 for tying for second for the House Cup, Director of Finance Katie Lay announced at The King's Council meeting on April 2.

The top three finalists in each competition are as follows:

Reading Test: 1st: Thatcher. 2nd: Truth. 3rd: Reagan.

Film Competition: 1st: Queen Elizabeth I. 2nd: Barton. 3rd: Churchill.

Random Theme Debate: 1st: Bonhoeffer. 2nd: ten Boom. 3rd: Truth.

Academic Writing: 1st: Truth. 2nd: Queen Elizabeth I. 3rd: Reagan.

Creative Writing: 1st: Susan B. Anthony and Bonhoeffer. 2nd: Truth.

Great Speech: 1st: Barton. 2nd: ten Boom. 3rd: Bonhoeffer and Susan B. Anthony

Prepared Lecture: 1st: Bonhoeffer. 2nd: Lewis. 3rd: Susan B. Anthony

Performing Art: 1st: Barton. 2nd: Queen Elizabeth I. 3rd: Churchill.

Three-Hour Art: 1st: Churchill and Barton. 2nd: Truth.

Parliamentary Debate: 1st: Lewis. 2nd: Bonhoeffer. 3rd: Churchill.

The Interregnum VIII committee announced the winners to the student body at Calvary-St. George's Church (Park Ave. and 21st St.) after the required evening lecture by visiting philosopher, theologian and cultural commentator Dr. David Bentley Hart.

Hart addressed Interregnum VIII's theme of Tradition and Innovation by drawing on Fourth Century Nicene theology, what he calls a patient practice of recollection, a way of overcoming forgetfulness and a synthesis of the past.

"We tend to forget that ideas are historical and cultural artifacts," Hart said.

Hart also argued that tradition must be a retrieval of the past, and that only when tradition is faithfully rediscovered can people innovate something truly new and not a mere repetition. His full lecture can be viewed here, courtesy of the House of Bonhoeffer.

The Interregnum VIII Committee will accept applications for the Interregnum IX Committee beginning on Monday, April 2.

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