Online professor Gary Stanley performs at King’s


Financial District, NEW YORK– Gary Stanley performed “A Prophet and A Prostitute,” a dramatic monologue based on the book of Hosea Oct. 16. Stanley’s visit gave King’s online students the opportunity to meet their New Testament professor in person for the first time.

Stanley, who lives in Boulder, CO, taught Intro to New Testament online during the 2012 spring and summer semesters. He scheduled the visit to TKC to coincide with a conference on marriage in Parsippany, NJ where he spoke a few days prior.

In the monologue, Stanley assumed the character of the prophet Hosea to tell of “a love so costly it broke three hearts– two human and one divine.” He shared Hosea’s embarrassment in marrying a prostitute at the command of the “Most High” and his tearful humiliation when he discovers Gomer’s unfaithfulness. In Stanley’s interpretation, Hosea searched everywhere for his wife Gomer, redeemed her for the price of a slave and helped to heal her harlot’s heart.

Stanley commented afterwards on how Ignatius of Loyala pioneered reading Scripture through a dramatic lens. Stuck in a wartime hospital, the non-Christian Ignatius had asked to read romantic fiction. Instead, the nurses gave him a Bible, which he read as if it was a love story.

“You need good theology,” Stanley said, “but you need to give yourself permission to step into the story.”

Brandon Santulli (‘15) said Stanley “made the apostles more relatable.”

Serenity Richardson (‘15) said Stanley reminded her that “the books were written by real human beings. He helped me see how their personalities shone through.”

Gary Stanley is no newcomer to The King’s College. At the invitation of Stan Oakes and the prompting of the Holy Spirit, said Stanley, he and his wife Luci sold their home in Southern California to collaborate in reopening King’s. They were directly involved in developing the college from Fall 1998 to 2000.

Stanley recruited Duanne Moeller, Chief Administrative Officer of King’s, to work at the school. Moeller was one of Stanley’s students at the International School of Theology in San Bernadino, CA. Last spring, at Moeller’s invitation, Stanley began instructing with King’s Online.

Stanley used a story-based approach to Scripture throughout the online course. He included other dramatic monologues by Matthew and Luke. “He inspired me to be more innovative in my approach to academics,” Josiah Chapman (‘15) said.

“I’ve never been so excited to meet a professor before,” Vanessa Cowan (‘14) said. “Stanley genuinely cares about us and our relationship with God.”

Moeller said he will invite Stanley to teach New Testament online this upcoming Spring as well.

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