Keeping Up With The King's Council: Statesmanship, Budgets, Assassins and a Halloween Party

This week’s meeting began with prayer led by Bonhoeffer president Josh Hinen, substitute for the typically late-coming Churchill president Peter Murphy. SBP Thompson promised the Council that this week’s meeting would be a quick one. “We all know there are midterms to prepare for," Thompson said.

The Council first discussed last week’s Statesmanship Forum, essentially supplementary training for exec teams and the Council and Cabinet. The speaker addressed the importance of self-care, and warned against overcommitting oneself. Responses to the speaker varied between houses. Truth and Barton agreed that the speaker message was valid, but nothing they hadn’t heard before. Churchill and Lewis, however, expressed overall appreciation for the speaker’s advice. On the whole, the Council was grateful to have a speaker they had not heard from before, but wished the forum allowed for more time with their individual exec teams.

Next on the agenda, DoF Starnes presented the September Spending Report. She enumerated the budget’s line-items and reported that the Council is comfortably on track with the planned budget. Starnes also reminded the houses of the Innovation Fund, instituted to financially reward creative projects by individual Houses.

DoSE Linhardt was excited to announce the start of the long awaited Assassins game, which begins next Monday, October 24th. Linhardt also noted that the Halloween party will be taking place on Friday, October 28th. She advertised candy, music, and dancing for all.

DoSL Martinez thanked the houses for their support of the Day of Fasting and Prayer. Many students attended each prayer and worship time. Martinez also reminded the Council that Refuge will take place this Thursday, 7:30 PM in the City Room. Dr. Johnson will be speaking.

SBP Thompson reminded the presidents to stay on top of things in the coming weeks as their time in leadership will come to a close faster than they think. The meeting adjourned promptly at 6:30 PM.

Meeting Highlights

Director of Spiritual Life

  • Martinez requested the Council’s prayer for King’s fellow FiDi Christian college, NYACK, who recently lost the lives of two of their students.

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