Good Morning America Starts Fall Concert Series

Crazed teens to dedicated middle-aged women have lined the streets outside Good Morning America since the show's Sept. 20th kickoff of their fall concert series, which featured a performance by Demi Lovato singing her hit single "Skyscraper." The Fall Concert Series features a band or artist each week that performs live from Good Morning America’s Times Square Studio as fans scream and wave posters in front of the cameras outside.

Good Morning America tapes live Monday through Friday, 7am to 9am. For those who enjoy waking up before the sun, getting on the show is easy. Bystanders who arrive at the studio (located at the corner of West 44th Street and Broadway) during the allotted time slot can watch the show through the large front windows or through the TV that is positioned outside. Some segments are even taped outside, presenting the opportunity for direct interaction with the guests on the show. Bystanders also get a chance to be seen on TV, sporting posters and cheering wildly when prompted.


Last Tuesday, the boy band All Star Weekend performed the second concert in the series. Dedicated fans of the band travelled from all across North America for the chance to watch the performance in the studio. The show's staff invite the most enthusiastic fans inside.

“We left at seven last night, and we have been outside the studio since five o’clock this morning," Natalia Nikola, a devoted fan from Canada, said. "There were already about 20 people lined up when we arrived.”


Space is limited, so do not be afraid to cheer loudly. Tweeting the band is another strategy.


After the show, the performers come out to the street to greet their fans. Autographs and pictures are allowed and encouraged.


So rise and shine, and wave your posters high.



CityJoy MerlinoComment