King's Council Meeting: Notes by Ray


Dear Reader, A short and efficient council meeting is a boon to both the members of the Council and a normal listener, but somewhat unfortunate for a would be reporter of humor droplets. Bear with me.

Tonight's invocation came from 2 Corinthians 12:9 and introductory prayer was lead by Alec Nixon.


  • The President's Report began with a reminder of Dr. Innes' forthcoming book realize.  There is a promo video for Dr. Innes’s new book on YouTube (  Go watch it.  It’s delightful.  I’ll wait.  Dr. Innes would really appreciate us being there, particularly since there may be some protest from Union Theological Seminary, even to the extent of rioting.
  • Katie Lay and Mitch Hailstone are appointees to the Operations Committee as a result of last week's vote.
  • Madison asked the House Presidents that they themselves would keep Oct. 17th, a Monday, free for a possible special lunch with a undisclosed special guest.
  • Week 6 – which is typically "The Wall" – approaches.  Be prepared for people to collapse right and left. (That's a paraphrase, not a quote.)
  • Make sure proxies are arranged. Read: Greg Baumann, Tim Wainwright, and Caz Crane, I am disappointed.(Just kidding: Madison's too chipper to be disappointed.)
  • Madison also presented a motion on behalf of Sterling Clay to form an additional Homecoming Committee consisting of volunteers from each House.  Explanation of the time commitment expected.  Churchill, Truth, ten Boom and Bonhoeffer were the only ayes, and the motion therefore failed.
  • Finance report was merely that the organization budget has been allotted for this semester.
  • Events report comprised of Clara verifying that Homecoming is planned and just waiting to happen and the Fall Concert budget is much the same as last years.  Her budget, as customary, was approved unanimously.
  • Bonhoeffer asked what a sock hop is.
  • Orgs report.
  • Financial Services will not be happening.  They need a break due to technical difficulties. Ironic: a group designed to help people get their stuff together can't get its stuff together.
  • The mind reader called back again and has offered the rate of $1200 a performance.  Honestly, I think Lewis is yanking the collective school chain.
  • Communications reported that the forum with Interim Provost White will be moved.
  • Executive session was called by the President of QE1, at which point I left to take a nap in the 15th floor kitchen. It was very nice.
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