Keeping Up With the King's Council: Fall Picnic, King's Rugby and Spiritual Life

The Council Meeting began promptly at 5:30 p.m. this Tuesday the 13th. The President of Churchill shuffled in late. Student Body President, Kat Thompson, praised and thanked her Council for the hard work that was put into making Fall Retreat a success. This week, the council heard from William Bortins about the Rugby team, Michael Martinez about spiritual life on campus, Sadie Elliott about City Engagement initiatives and a budget proposal from Christina Markakis for the 2016-2017 Student Organizations Budget. Plans for Fall Picnic were touched on lightly, as final details will release later this week to the student body. The Council promised caramel apples.

William Bortins stepped up and gave an intriguing presentation, explaining his hopes for The King’s College Rugby team to become a legitimized student org. Pressing the themes of brotherhood, honor and sacrifice possible through this international sport, his hope is to have the team participate in three tournaments this next semester.

Michael Martinez, head of Spiritual Life, opened by pressing the importance of church involvement for Christian college students. He explained that it is the Spiritual Life Committee’s main goal this year to see increased church involvement and church memberships within the student body. October 6th is an upcoming day dedicated to fasting and prayer, with different events throughout the day for students.

Sadie Elliott gave a flawless presentation on a few new initiatives she will be taking these next few weeks as City Engagement Coordinator. By providing students with simple surveys via email she hopes to gain the insight on the ministries King's is serving alongside.

Christina Markakis presented the 2016-2017 Student Organizations Budget. Most organizations received additional funds this year in order to keep engaging the student body and giving them the opportunity to use their talents.

The two motions, Rugby and the Student Organizations Budget, passed with a "yes" vote from all ten Houses.

Meeting Highlights and Motions:

  • Student Body President, Kat Thompson
    • SBP: Wants to make sure Fall Retreat is the best that it can be, so is working on a simple survey to go out to all the participants of Retreat
  • Director of Student Events Michelle Linhardt
    • Announcement of location will be released in a few days
    • Caramel apples are a must
    • Powderpuff liability forms must be signed by all players


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